Top Upcoming Features of WhatsApp in 2023


 This week, we’re celebrating New Year’s Day with an article about all of the cool things you can do to enjoy WhatsApp more in the year 2023! We’ve gathered together some incredible tips and tricks here that will definitely improve your experience using this app. Some are easy to implement while others may require slightly more advanced technology or software, but they’ll still give you great benefits.

Screenshot blocking

Over the past year, there have been several reports of individuals sharing screenshots or videos that contain sensitive information. These people would then be tagged in the screenshot or video by someone else and reported for it.

WhatsApp now allows you to block users who upload content that you have blocked before! This is very helpful if you are conscious about your privacy and do not want others to see pictures of yourself or what you were doing before.

You can find this feature under Settings > Privacy > Block. To add a user as blocked, simply click Add and choose User. You will then need to enter their username and confirm that you are really wanting to block them.

Clickable links on WhatsApp status

Recent updates to WhatsApp include click-to-open links in chat messages. Now, if you send someone a link, they will be able to tap it directly instead of having to copy and paste the address or use another app to visit it!

This is very helpful as sometimes people are not familiar with your area or the destination that you shared a link for.

By clicking on the link, the browser automatically opens up the site so users don’t have to.

WhatsApp also adds an extra layer of protection by scanning the URL before sending it so anyone can verify the authenticity of the website. This way, you know your call has been verified and won’t connect you to any malicious sites.

The feature was first released back in May 2019 but didn’t get much attention at the time. Since then, however, it has seen a resurgence in popularity. Some even say it makes sharing information easier because there’s less risk of something going wrong.

However, some believe that this could lead to more accidental clicks since people may add the link manually rather than using the tool already built into the app.

WhatsApp Premium for Businesses

Starting next year, businesses will be able to create their own WhatsApp groups using the app’s business profile feature.

Business profiles let you add contacts as colleagues or vendors. You can also include additional information about each member including job position, department, etc.

This feature is already available to some businesses that have opted into the beta version of the product. Now it’s being extended to all companies that want to connect with other professionals via WhatsApp!

By creating your own group through the business profile feature, you’ll get all of the same functionality that normal personal accounts enjoy, such as read receipts and direct message (DMs) replies.

You won’t need to use the basic “@username” format when sending messages to your employees, you can type whatever you like (with our help)!

And don’t worry, we still keep all individual chat threads private — nothing gets shared without permission.

New Business Tool tab in WhatsApp Business

As we mentioned before, this year saw WhatsApp launch their business chat app called WhatsApp Business. Since then, they have been adding more ways to do business through the app!

WhatsApp now offers an easy way to create a New Business Account. You can choose whether you want it to be free or paid depending on your business needs.

After creating your account, you will get access to all of the features of the app including the Business Chat Tab.

The Business Chat Tab is very similar to normal WhatsApp but with some key differences. First, there are no individual profile settings like display name and cover photo. Instead, you only edit two things: Your company name and logo.

Second, instead of having direct messages, you can send Messages For Orders. These are just like regular chats except they don’t end when closed, making them good for longer conversations.


In an earlier blog post, we discussed some of the ways you can customize Whatsup now with profile pictures, stickers, and cover photos. With the next update to Whatsapp, however, users will be able to create avatars!

WhatsApp has been offering Animoji since 2018, but this year they are expanding it into something much more powerful. Called Mura for short, these new expressive icons will let you express yourself through your messages by changing their shape, expression, and style.

These Mura will also allow you to use different colors and textures for the face, body, and surroundings. You’ll have the chance to explore many styles before choosing one that best fits you or your message!

We expect to see lots of creativity inspired by Mura from people all over the world.

Companion Mode - multi-device sync

One of the most asked about feature sets for WhatsApp is its companion mode, which allows users to add it into your list as one of the main features. This is very helpful if you use more than one device for work or personal purposes.

With companion mode, you can easily switch between devices to chat, read messages, and even start a new conversation! All of this is done through the app itself, and not via third party apps like Slack does.

WhatsApp already has an internal companion mode that works similarly to how Apple’s own Messages app functions, but there are some key differences. For starters, it only supports iPhone XS and newer at the moment (the phone you're using now cannot connect).

Another difference is that Apple's Messages automatically syncs across all your iOS devices, while WhatsUp Sync only works with Android phones.

Retrieve deleted messages on WhatsApp

As we all know, deleting an item from WhatsApp is not a simple process. You have to confirm you want to delete it first, and then swipe away the message or tap ‘Delete’ before saving changes.

But what happens to those messages after that? They are still saved on our device, but they’re no longer accessible.

That’s why most people don’t actually try very hard to completely remove their old conversations. Sometimes they may get distracted and re-add a conversation later, but otherwise it’s forgotten about.

However, some things can’t be easily undone. If you really wanted to retrieve your lost chat, there are ways to do so. But only if you plan ahead!


This article has discussed some incredible WhatsApp features that are coming soon. Some of these include picture-only chat, self-destructing messages, and more. There’s also an interesting fact about how many people use this feature each week!

If you were looking to try out some of these features for yourself then don’t worry – we have provided recommendations below.


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